Interracial foursome featuring two white twinks and two BBC hunks that just cannot wait to gape a white booty

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Description: Now we've all heard of lads with smokin' hawt booties, but this stupendous engulf-and-fuck-fest gives that figure of speech a literal interpretation as Benjamin Dunn teams up with Dominican men Devon LeBron and Alejandro Marbena to provide Dong Casey's rump the kind of rigorous workout it was created for! But it isn't schlong that Casey's gap is entertaining – at least to begin, in any case – rather (of all things) a cigarette, which Dunn fits snugly into the crazy ring for a little comic relief. Not that Casey appears incredibly perturbed by such unusual antics, which proceed when his white compatriot stuffs the fag down the end of his weenie and betwixt his toes. Clearly this guy knows that this is just a foretaste of the real act to come – and given that Casey's in the company of 2 of the hottest, hardest dark men around this guy's certain not to be frustrated. There's smth of a warm-up for the guy's aperture, however, when LeBron and Marbena lift the boy-friend up onto Dunn's raw schlong. But it's what follows – a stunning double penetration – that actually gives this four-way the edge, as Casey continues to accommodate 2 knobs up his arse during the time that maintaining that trademark smile of his! It's a prize-winning achievement, that's for sure; and it's one that's not quite of course going to have boyz around the world reaching for the Kleenex en-masse. Talking of which, we'll leave u to speculate how much tissue was needed to clean up Casey one time director John Smith called it a wrap, but when u watch the quantity of cock juice those guys produce u'll know it was no effortless task!
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