Pale-skinned and incredibly submissive-looking white boy gets double-teamed by two guys with BBCs

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Description: Some boyz just love to set themselves a defiance – youthful Kurt Maddox being one of 'em, it appears to be, given his determination to engage not merely in a double-penetration fuck-fest but one that centres round the bumper-sized packages of Alejandro Marbena and Devon LeBron. Not that it appears to be this guy had much choice in the collision if the opening moments of this stupendous scene are everything to go by. One minute this guy's minding his own business in the shower; the next this guy's being roughly manhandled by the 2 dark studs and being compulsory to entertain Marbena and LeBron in the almost any explicit and humiliating fashion imaginable. The youthful white boy shows little sign of complaining, however. Far from it, in fact. Rather this chab's pretty soon eagerly feasting on one as well as the other the donkey-sized shafts on suggest; previous to succumbing to the inevitable and allowing the 2 mammoth-dicked males to take turns at fucking his hungry arse-aperture. All this is but a prelude to the real centrepiece of the act, however, namely the pont of time when Maddox receives his pucker filled to the brim with one as well as the other weenies at the same time! It's at this point, of course, that u'd be quite forgiven for awaiting the boy to pass out from the sheer audacity of the meeting. In the end, however, Maddox rides one as well as the other ramrods to his ultimate credit, taking each lengthy inch like a pro and producing a stellar set-piece in the process. By the time that the dark males splatter the white pup's face with a plethora of jism there's each admirable chance u'll have creamed yourself several times over. In short, definitely a scene to remember!
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